The foundation of the company goes back to 1821. At this time the main trading was based on every kind of iron and steel industry. Even the army of the Empire and Kingdom of Austria bought some products of the company Lechner & Jungl. In 1874 Lechner & Jungl started to trade with arms. Their reputation was very good and business was growing in a perfect way.

1912 Hugo Köthe took over the company and put much effort in building up a very good manufactory of arms. At this time the demand in hunting- and sporting guns was growing. The company was acting in a very modern way and was trading high quality brands like Lancaster, Roux and Sauer & Sohn.

Katalog aus 1912 Katalog aus 1912
1972 Ing. Gottlieb Köthe took over the business of his father. He was studying at the famous arms school Höhere Technische Lehranstalt und Büchsenmachermeitsterschule Ferlach. After finishing his studies he was specialized in producing very high handmade quality weapons, firearms, rifles and guns. He founded his workshop in Graz in the Schlossergasse 2. Gottlieb Köthe loves his profession and has a very good reputation in his passion of details and his skills. Everybody appreciates his work. In his workshop he produces finest guns which are not only be used as a decoration in an arms cupboard. They are functional, elegant, robust and reliable and are normaly used by professional hunters. The company produces guns in a classical way. They take care of the individual wishes of every customer. Gottlieb Köthe and his workers love the speciality and beauty of every gun they produce. Each gun is an unique product of old english tradition. Lechner & Jungl have a very good reputation all over the world. The name of the company guarantees one of the best qualities you can find and everybody appreciates it even in England and the United States.

The company Lechner & Jungl tries to satisfy every wish of their costumer. They give you as much information as possible about hunting and nature in their shop in the city of Graz.

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