-> Graz Tourism Lechner & Jungl have a shop and a workshop in the very old centre of Graz. The business is situated in the Schlossergasse in a very beautiful location of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Since 1999 the whole city of Graz has this predicate.

The costumer can find guns,ammunition, hunting optical products in a great variety. The selection of famous brands in hunting and outdoor equipment is enormous. He can find every product in our catalogues (only in german) which is produced annualy. Please contact us if you need some information or if we should sent you the catalogue. We are happy if you visit us in our shop.

Our variety of products is too big to show you on the website. We apologize for that. You can find every product if you follow the links. We also have a great variety of brochures in our shop.

Opening hours:
Monday - Friday from 09.00am to 06.00pm (Saturdays only by agreement)

Location plan/ city plan

With a purchase we will refund our customers the parking fee for one hour in the surrounding park areas

We offer the following payment possibilities to our customers apart from the cash payment:



Sporting guns
Hunting guns
hand made hunting accessories
Hunting Wear
Pietro Beretta Guns
our guns
Kahles optics
Herbertz hunting knives
Country Wear
Colt guns
Blaser guns
Leica optics
Gerber Knives
Outdoor clothing
Glock guns
Steyr Mannlicher Waffen
Swarovski optics
Leatherman Tools
Austrian attire clothing
Smith & Wesson guns
Mauser guns
Zeiss optics
Puma Knives

Umarex - Softair-,CO2-,Gas- and Signalguns
Sauer guns
Carl Walther optics
Switzerland Knives

Carl Walther guns