Perfection and love for details come together.

In our workshop we develop finest and noblest hunting guns of any kind in nearly pure manual work. Side by side´s, double rifles, ball and shot guns and much more, were build here exactly after customers wishes. The decades of experience and the love for the handicraft, let nearly each desire of the gun making go into fulfilment. beside that, according to classical kind manufactured guns, we develop also improvements and/ or changes from already existing systems and their operating characteristics. To our speciality belong fine classical side lock guns, gun couples and expressed the precise gun making on highest possible level relating to crafts.

We are a little proud on the fact that even in England, in the mother land of the noble and best guns, technical periodicals write and regularly report about our work. To our priorities count restaurations, service and facelifting of old english guns. We naturally work daily also on improvements of gun efficiency, new gun stockings, changes, sight assemblies, and we have also wide open ears for technical questions, product consultation and problem definitions of our customers.

The emergence of a weapon from the house Lechner & Jungl:

Manufacture starts with forgings of the chopperlump tubes which have been cut to size and bored out from high grade nickel chrome molybdenum steel. The barrel marker then brazes the lumps together and flies and strikes up the barrels by hand and eye. After the adaptation of the rails to the runs, these are softly soldered. Special care is used with tin the runs and rails. The fitting of the barrel into the action is accomplished with greatest possible care by the actioner. The actioner must then slowly and patiently work the steel by hand until the fit is faultless.
The next step is the mounting of the locks, trigger and the optical and artistic creation of the system. If the function of the system is final and is " in the white" , the gun stocker gets the order to adapt the stock in harmony with the system.
The customer will be measured exactly during first preparation and his characteristics details will be analyzed very carefully. These data flows then 1:1 in the stock and the consideration of customer's requests close finally the perfect circle of stock making. All necessary measurements for the preparation of the stock will be archived by us on lifetime. After most exact fitting of the metal parts into the nut wood which was first dried and kept during a long period in particularly air- conditioned areas and selected by the customer, the special treatment of the stock takes place to ensure the future owner highest perfection.

The most important feature of the hand made guns from our house is the balance that only can be made, if the gun is build on customers measurements and the right weight of the system and the stock. For us is this knowledge, the key for great gun- making and thereby we know that our customers have the perfect gun for their hunting experience.
This is just one of much very important characteristics that a hand made gun differs and takes off in relation to a computer- manufactured gun.

In the next step together with the customer, the artistic surface organization will be discussed and selected. We can offer and time-fairly carry out, in co-operation with renowned engravers and artists, each imaginable organization. (se details of art and techniques at our engravings side)
Each topic and engraving draft is submitted for the time being the opinion and/ or again-reflected each motive for each desire a handmade specialized design provided, which can be revised and changed as required again and again, as it is finally the dream and/or the conception of the customer and thus future with each view of this work of art, the hunt day and/or leading this weapon to a special experience to make.

At the end of the engraving work the surface finishing of the stock is one of the most important points, i.e. the surface coating of the system takes place whereby the customer can select between a multicolored and/ or a Carbo gas hardening.

This remuneration is the surface protection of each metal particle of the gun. It decides about the durability and the stability of the weapon in relation to external effects, wear and affect inevitably the lifetime and function of the weapon. After the weapon was submitted to the national proof-house and it existed the demanded weapon test, the final adjustments between barrels, locks and the ejectors takes place.

This covers additionally for perfecting movement and sequences of functions of the weapon, which is accomplished surface inspection, oil finish of the body, etc. only by the boss and concomitantly the last quality inspection contained.

The weapons are now ready for distribution to the customer. After a detailed information discussion, which gives information over the correct handling and the professional care, the customer gets hand over his new gun. On customers wishes, the weapons can be hand over in an individually hand-made weapon suit-case (see accessories side) with suitable accessoires.

In each stage of the manufacturing, the house of Lechner & Jungl is able to guarantee the best quality of material and handicraft and a maximum of product quality.